We deliver hands-on workshops

Each workshop is customized for its particular audience.

Why we do workshops?

As futurist and educators, we believe that the best way to achieve an efficient transformation is to involve the team being transformed. It might seem self-evident, but we often find, that projects are ill-defined, questions are not asked and that makes the bottom-line suffer and impedes progress.

Our workshops are designed to merge the best aspects of team-work and collective thinking, while making sure, objectives are clearly defined, that information asymmetries are eliminated and that all stakeholders and aligned. We also help you explore cutting edge subjects and technologies, through prototyping and calling upon subject-matter experts when the need arises.

We believe in applying multiple frameworks and methods, exploring the pros and cons, to move beyond simple implementation into true understanding and empowerment. Our goal is to have you be independant, thriving and informed of the possibilities your present and future holds.

Prospective and competitive intelligence

Ideation & sensemaking

Organizational poetry

Prospective and competitive intelligence

The future of work

  • Generational clash
  • The office environment
  • Play at work

The future of media

  • Future of cinema
  • Tangible media
  • VR - AR - MR
  • Spatial computing
  • Future of radio

The future of cities

  • Placemaking
  • Citizen Engagement
  • Connected Services
  • Infrastructure

Sensors and automation

  • Spatial computing
  • Industrial and domestic Internet of Things

Future interactions

  • Natural interactions
  • Blockchain
  • AI

Education in the 21st century

Threats and opportunities

Ideation & sensemaking

Framing your project

  • Asking the right questions
  • Defining specific goals
  • Aligning the stakeholders
  • Communicating the project
  • Choosing your team members

Understanding your audience - Ethnography

  • The power of context
  • Beyond demographics - a discussion on tribes
  • Audience engagement

Pacing your brainstorms

  • Explore differents ways of doing
  • Change location, change your mind
  • Make your ideas contagious

Organizational poetry

Applied poetry

  • Chance and creativity
  • Finding your bliss
  • Timing and success
  • Attention and intention
  • Empathy and meaning
  • Find your cultural hacker - intrapreneurship
  • Thinking Framework
  • Provoke Meaningful encounters
  • Visualization of knowledge
  • Fostering states of flow


  • Cultural patterns
  • KPIs
  • HR practices
  • Generations

Risk culture

  • Setting up a positive risk culture
  • Defensive decision making
  • Building a culture of risk taking
  • Empowering and fostering autonomy - intrapreneurship


  • Gender
  • Cognition
  • Hiring for diversity
  • Understanding millennials

Performance and KPIs

  • How to think about productivity
  • What to expect
  • Data and reality
  • Fostering states of flow




Interaction design