Ideas Architecture & Organizational Poetry

We help clients frame problems, find solutions and make decisions.

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So, what do you really do?

Good question. And we get it a lot. Our roles cover strategy, information architecture, UX and interaction design. But mostly we use our knowledge of these diverse fields to inform, guide, and bring about positive change in organisations.

While traditional management consultants might look at financials and suggest acquisitions or lay-offs, our approach as change agents is a lot less predictable. We tend to look at aspects of a business that are not easily quantifiable, such as culture, communication, and values. Things that don’t easily fit into a spreadsheet. Focusing on factors that are deeply human and absent from most boardroom conversations, we have developed a unique method for increasing efficiency, innovating products, streamlining processes, and solving problems. We call this approach organisational poetry.

Competitive intelligence for today and tomorrow

Ideation and sensemaking

Organisational poetry

Experience architecture

Strategic counseling

Competitive intelligence for today and tomorrow

Access how new technologies can be used

The tech world is ever-evolving and it is a full-time job to keep up with new developments. There is so much noise that frequently businesses throw millions of dollars on technological fads that have no real impact.

Hiring outside specialists can not only help you understand the landscape, but also provide new ways of thinking about those technologies and establish real value in the long term.

When we consult about technology, our process is based on structured experimentation, which always looks to answer a hypothesis. The result is not a report that can be shelved, but actionable ways in which new technologies can be implemented and used to drive change.

We offer

  • Competitive intelligence analysis
  • Creative exploration
  • Workshops with technologists
  • Brainstorming
  • Rapid prototyping session

Ideation and sensemaking

Ideas are messy, organize them into action items and enable meaning to arise.

In many projects, ideation is the phase most often overlooked. But it’s an extremely important one. Ideation is about making sense of your objectives and connecting the dots. It’s often messy and unpredictable. It’s hard to remember how you got from A to B. At Hello, we use various forms of maps to structure the process, creating a visual framework for something that can otherwise seem quite abstract.

We structure

  • Visual thinking
  • Worldbuilding
  • Storytelling
  • Creative bible

Organisational poetry

Find a shared sense of purpose and drive your organisation forward

Organisational poetry is a concept developed by Jonathan Belisle in order to tap into the intangible parts of a business. It’s an approach that aims to unlock hidden potential which cannot be accessed by crunching numbers or traditional management tools. Used to discover underutilised resources and real purpose, organisational poetry helps align management and employees in ways previously thought impossible.

We tackle

  • Cultural change
  • Risk cultureDiversity team-building
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Deficient project culture

Experience architecture

Going beyond design to create memorable and emotional experiences

Experience architecture is the process by which we determine how experiences will be deployed and lived by users. We believe that this process is essential in every creative endeavor. Our approach focuses on making the brand’s values relevant in the users life. Using natural interactions and calm technology, we rethink educational, institutional, and business experiences to become more human.

We create

  • Product experiences
  • Physical installations
  • Retail environments
  • Work Environments
  • Educational Space

Strategic counseling

When you need to find your way, we help you build the map.

We define strategic counseling as having seasoned professionals ready to answer your questions or help you make crucial decisions. A fresh perspective can often spot missed opportunities and challenge deep-rooted preconceptions. On an ongoing basis or per project, we deliver value through our encyclopedic knowledge of the technological landscape and its impact on behaviour.

We provide

  • Creative direction
  • Project management
  • Cost controls
  • Project-specific team-building