A smaller team, that makes big things

Combining singular visions to create an impact.

Who are we?

Studio Hello is an ideation, experience architecture and strategic consulting firm with a particular focus on the future. Through research, workshops and visual thinking, we help you frame your problems, find solutions and make better decisions. Each case having their own particularities, we believe in working closely with the client and finding the best tool to achieve our aims.

Studio Hello prides itself on its humanistic outlook and focus, meaning we put a particular emphasis on project pertaining to education, social institutions and political emancipation. We believe technology can help level the playing field, but only when they are used as a tool that empowers creativity and enable new possibilities.

Our approach is one part poetic shamanism, one part behavioral economy with a 100% commitment to see difficult questions being answered and issues being transcended.

Jonathan Belisle

Founder / Interaction Poet

Jonathan Bélisle is a Relational Artist and Serial Entrepreneur for over 25 years. Wherever he went, Jonathan brought with him news ways of thinking and tools that impacted the practices and future of the companies and people he worked with. He played multiple roles such as: CTO, Chief Innovation Officer, Content & Interaction Designer, Interactive Producer, Art director, UX Director, Creative Technologist and Teacher. His background in narratology & visual thinking informed the thinking framework he developed to work with his clients to poetically and playfully approach the complex problems of preserving Human Touch in our modern world interactions. He created the SMALL thinking framework, co-founded the interactive art collective Ensemble-ensemble.com, created the project wuxia the fox and invented and produced the platform for the creation and distribution of augmented stories calmr.io. He is married and has two children.

Mathieu O’Connor

Partner / Behavioral Economist

Mathieu O'Connor is an entrepreneur with a fascination for human behaviour and decision-making. As a student of economics and cognitive sciences, he studied how culture influences narratives and how thoses narratives influences self-image and decisions. During those studies, he started Avant-Garde, a cutting edge technology consultancy that explored AI, computer vision and AR before they were sexy. From these experiments, Mathieu spinned off some startup platforms around messaging and learning. On his off days, Mathieu likes to travel, practice yoga and get into pointless social media arguments.